Friday, January 20, 2017

All-New X-Men #17

   Ah, it's event crossover time for All-New X-Men, and thankfully the intrusion of the Inhumans vs. X-Men series is relatively minor.

    That's because the focus is on Iceman, who's starting up a romance with (I swear I am not making this name up) the Inhuman need Romeo.

   When the X-Men gather their forces for an attack on the homeland of the Inhumans, Bobby Drake is torn between the survival of mutants and true love.

    It's a sweet love story - but not much more than that.

   The art is very good (love that all-out-attack splash page), and the story is... ok.

    But I haven't been reading the event series this dips into, so it feels like I walked in on the middle of the story.

   I know, these things are intended to lure us into reading the series - or, if you're reading the series and not this title, reverse that.

   If that was the goal here, it flopped.

Grade: B


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