Friday, December 2, 2016

Savage #1

   You have to admire a comic that lives up to its title.

   And Savage is certainly that.

   The new series from Valiant starts brutally with a seven-page silent battle between a feral young man and a dinosaur.

   It's brutal, raw and just a little improbable - but certainly intense.

   The book then changes style (and artists) and takes us into the past, as we learn about the backstory behind the young savage.

   It's a pretty obvious modern take on the legend of Tarzan - but still makes for a cracking good story, as writer B. Clay Moore crafts some interesting characters and draws us in expertly.

   The art chores are divided by Lewis Larosa and Clayton Henry, with the former covering the present day battle, and the latter dealing with the flashback sequences - both featuring terrific color art by Brian Reber.

   As a fan of Tarzan, Ka-Zar, Wolverine and most "raised by wolves" stories, I enjoyed this issue a lot - I'm looking forward to future installments!

Grade: A-


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