Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Nova #1

   Nova has always been a fun concept, despite itself.

   By which I mean, the original concept was a total ripoff of Green Lantern (the Nova Corps as an intergalactic police force) and Spider-Man (wise-cracking teen gets amazing powers, which interfere with his daily life).

   The original Nova, Richard Rider, has operated as part of the New Warriors and the Guardians of the Galaxy - but he (apparently) died when trapped with Thanos in the alternate dimension of death known as the Cancerverse.

   Of course, Thanos survived and escaped that fate - and now, happily, Rider has done the same. Apparently.

   He's returned home to find some changes to his family - and to his powers.

   The younger and cockier Nova, Sam Alexander, is in the middle of his own adventures in space (and misadventures in school) when he learns about the existence of another member of the Nova Corps - setting up a meeting between the two.

   The story by Jeff Loveness and Ramon Perez has the story off to a strong start (though Young Nova's solution to his cosmic problem is a bit odd, to say the least).

    Perez also provides the art, and it's high energy and loaded with personable characters.

   Despite his... derivative, let's say... origins, I like the character (the comics industry can always use more positive characters).

   Here's hoping for more fun, upbeat adventures for the two Novas!

Grade: B+


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