Thursday, December 15, 2016

Hawkeye #1

   While I've never been a huge fan of the "two heroes have the same name" syndrome, I'm happy to put it aside in the case of the two Hawkeyes.

   The original (for Marvel, at least) is Clint Barton, the former criminal who became a respected Avenger - but these days, is neck-deep in the Civil War II silliness.

   So this series, instead, is focusing on Kate Bishop, member of the Young Avengers who took on Clint's hero name while he wasn't using it (being dead and all).

   (He got better.)

   So Kate is setting up shop in California - Venice Beach, to be exact - as a Private Investigator and Superhero.

   The first issue is mostly low-key, as the creative team - writer Kelly Thompson and artist Leonardo Romero - start with Kate in the middle of an investigation, which leads to a robbery attempt, and then over to her office where she meets the neighbors and lands another job, protecting a young woman being menaced by a mysterious figure.

   It's all fast and light and fun, very much in the vein of Matt Fraction's beloved take on the characters.

   I like the art a lot - it's fresh and evokes the real world (without being photo-realistic).

   It's a little understated - no big bad guys on display in this issue - but it's certainly a promising start. I'll be back next issue.

Grade: A-


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