Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Dr. Strange Top 10 - #8 - Strange Tales 136

   Continuing our rundown of the Top 10 issues of Dr. Strange by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko:

#8 - Strange Tales 136 - “What Lurks Beneath the Mask?”

   This is a personal favorite, and one of the stories in the "Dr. Strange, the Fugitive" series that started in issue #130.

   This one shook me up right from the splash page, which featured Dr. Strange - with a different head!

   The story follows Strange's continuing quest to find help in his fight against Baron Mordo and Dormmamu as he seeks to find the creature known as Eternity.

   He finds an ancient, faded mystic scroll that may hold the secret. It opens a door to another dimension, and there he finds columns of lifelike masks - and a lone figure shackled and blindfolded, begging for help.

   When Strange removes the pitiful figure's blindfold, he's hit by a powerful spell from the creature's eyes - and finds he has switched places, and now he is trapped by the chains, unable to cast a spell - and death is moments away!

   The battle of wills - and Strange's ingenuity in fighting back - made this tiny little tale of horror a real delight, and one of my all-time favorites!

Grade: A



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