Monday, December 19, 2016

Daredevil #14

   I've been kinda on the fence about the post-Waid and Samnee version of Daredevil.

   Those two are a tough act to follow, and I was a big fan of their take on the Man Without Fear.

   So now we're just over a year into Charles Soule and Ron Garney's take on the series - and there are things I like a lot and things I'm not so sure about.

   I like the art a lot. Garney has a raw, powerful and edgy look to this series, and color artist Matt Mills has crafted a unique, almost monochromatic look for the world. It leans a lot toward the grim and gritty style, but it's very well done.

   I like that Daredevil has his secret identity back, though it's annoying that they haven't told us how he managed it - and I do miss his old supporting cast. (Foggy, where are you?)

   I like the stories (mostly), though the latest story arc (which wraps up in this issue) is too dark, dismal and bloodthirsty for my tastes.

   So I'm hanging in there - but I'd like to see some lighter beats in future stories.

   All stürm and drang makes Matt a dull boy.

Grade: B




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