Monday, December 5, 2016

Black Widow #8

   I've been raving about the new Black Widow series ever since it started, but I have to admit, this issue was a bit of a stumble for me (though most readers may have a different reaction).

   That's because - as a general rule - I don't like stories about children in peril.

   And we see lots of that here, as Natasha faces a difficult task - young girls who are actually trained killers are being set loose in America to take out high-profile targets - and she must find (and stop) the girls and protect their targets.

    As always, the story by Chris Shamnee and Mark Waid is sharp and expertly crafted, and Samnee's art is just amazing - the action leaps off the page, and the characters are real people, not just lines on the page.

   But I don't like seeing children in danger (or threatening danger, for that matter), and the body count here is too high.

   Also, the cover doesn't really fit this issue. Next issue, yes.

   Still, it's a tremendous series and - if you aren't already - you should be reading it.

Grade: A-


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