Saturday, December 17, 2016

All-New X-Men #16

   Some stories are classics, and others... aren't.

   The latest story spooling out in All-New X-Men is based on a character that took center stage a few decades ago in the original X-Men title.

   Madelyne Pryor was created as a stand-in for the (then dead) Jean Grey - but when Jean returned to life, Madelyne joined forces with an army of demons and became the Goblin Queen.

   Hank McCoy (the Beast) has been experimenting with magical forces, and somehow opened a gate to a hellish dimension - and the Goblin Queen led an army of demons through it to attack Miami.

   So we've had several issues of the X-Men fighting demons, and despite some excellent artwork by Mark Bagley and Andrew Hennessy, it's pretty slow going.

   It's all very much like a video game, where the fighting never ends and the heroes never make much progress. And the solution is really improbable. (Don't they have Doctor Strange's phone number? Wouldn't a major incursion like this draw his attention?)

   This one is disappointing, although I did get a kick out of a comment by Iceman - it was a fun jab at the X-Men's often-impenetrable continuity.

Grade: B-


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