Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Mother Panic #1

   This is the fourth (and final, for now) of the "Young Animal" line of comics from DC Comics.

   And Mother Panic is certainly a strange one.

   It's set in Gotham City, and (despite its adults-only style) it actually features the Batman. Briefly.

   But the focus is on a young woman, Violet Paige, who suffered the loss of her parents when she was young: her mother to Alzheimer's and her father in a hunting accident.

   Young Violet was sent to a boarding school where she picked up some interesting skills - and when she reappeared, it was as a spoiled society girl - one equally rude and riotous.

   Sound familiar?

   It's all to disguise her true purpose as the white-clad Mother Panic - but don't be too sure that she's acting on the side of angels.

   Her first appearance is a comic book tradition - defending a victim from attacking hoods in an alley. But the results of the fight don't follow the usual tropes.

   The whole book is a bit off-kilter, with odd imagery and even odder characters, and plot points that don't quite add up.

   It's an interesting start for writer Jody Houser and illlustrator Tommy Lee Edwards, who are also listed as the creators of the concept, along with Gerard Way.

   The issue is a big question mark, setting up numerous mysteries to be solved.

   It's definintely just for adults, but for those mature enough to handle some violence and adult language, it's very, very good!

Grade: A-


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Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting. I assumed the "Young Animal" line was aimed at a younger audience. Apparently I'm mistaken. I may grab a copy.