Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Civil War II #7 (of 8)

   It's safe to say that the Civil War II mini-series is better than the first Civil War mini-series - but that's faint praise.

   The fact is, they're both a mess.

   The original series was dopey because it was just a thin excuse for a conflict between heroes - the conflict could have been settled by Iron Man and Captain America over dinner, avoiding needless deaths and loads of destruction.

   Now "II" is apparently veering into the same nonsensical territory, as the story starts breaking down.

   This issue checks in with the Inhuman named Ulysses as he has a vision of the distant future, of a dystopian world and its (possible) cause.

   We see Spider-Man (Miles Morales), who appeared in a vision of the future as the murderer of a certain high-profile hero, as he arrives at the scene of that crime. Why? Who knows?

   The issue wraps up with yet another brutal fight between heroes. Why are they fighting? Who knows?

   I keep hoping this story will take a surprising turn and reveal the clever twist I haven't spotted yet.

   Instead, it keeps grinding out the same ol' stuff - silly fights, meaningless crossover, useless deaths and plot points that will be forgotten in six months. (Heck, they still haven't wrapped up key points from the Original Sin series two years ago - perhaps they hope we've forgotten about it by now.)

   There's still time - there's one more issue in this series - but I expected more from writer Brian Michael Bendis. (To be fair, the art by David Marquez is excellent.)

Grade: B-



Anonymous said...

It's awful. What worse? A $4.99 price tag....

Eh, Steve! said...

I thought I was the only one that hated the first Civil War so passionately.

I will say though, since the 1st Civil War was based off a law that was passed, Tony and Steve couldn't really work much out, could they?

But then the law was designed and enforced by Maria Hill to make sure that there couldn't be any compromise, right?

Ugh. Let me go back to trying to scrape it from my mind.