Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Great Lakes Avengers #1

   Here's a group that springs from relative obscurity every now and then to take another shot at "regular series" status.

   The Great Lakes Avengers first appeared in the pages of West Coast Avengers, created by writer/artist John Byrne as (I assume) a lighthearted jab at the idea of having Avengers teams all over the country (surely the Orlando Avengers would be a popular gig).

   The team always reminded me of the Legion of Substitute Heroes, in that the team is built of heroes with very specific powers - like Doorman, who serves as a living teleporter, taking the team to any location, or Flatman, who can stretch when he becomes a two-dimensional being.

   A surprising legal decision brings the moribund team to life, and it's a bit of a trick to put the band back together.

   I liked this issue, but it just brings a smile, not a belly laugh.

   The characters are interesting, the art is nice, and the humor is lightly applied - not a bad start, but not one to command your attention.

Grade: B



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