Monday, October 10, 2016

Supergirl - TV Review (Season 2)

   The Fall TV Season has arrived, and the CW has (wisely) picked up the Supergirl TV series to add to its lineup, which includes Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.

   And they've added something new this year: the world's most famous superhero.

   Superman "appeared" in the first season, but only at a distance (via text or literally so far away that you couldn't see him). That's reportedly because Man of Steel director Zach Snyder wanted to reserve his star for the big screen.

   But calmer heads have prevailed, and since there are different actors playing the TV Flash and the movie Flash, why not do likewise with the other heroes?

   So Tyler Hoechlin has stepped into the big red boots, and guess what? 

   He's terrific!

   That's because, unlike the movies that handcuff the amazing Henry Cavill into a grim, near-humorless character, Hoechlin is allowed to show actual personality - he smiles, he's playful, a good friend, a great cousin, a talented and thoughtful reporter - but he also shows a determined side. He's no pushover, showing a flinty edge with J'onn J'onzz, and fighting fiercely to protect the innocent. 

   In a modern flurry of grim and gritty heroes, he's a literal breath of fresh air. It's a delight to see the real Superman again.

   But it's not his show, and while we enjoy watching him, this is Supergirl's show, and Melissa Benoist is the star. 

   And how she lights up the screen! It's not just her beauty at work - she channels an inner sweetness, edged with a determination to help others and do the right thing. 

   But you just can't take your eyes off her, whether she's chasing a plummeting space shuttle or trying on different dresses at super-speed before a date.

   It's a tribute to her performance (and her star power) that she's never overwhelmed or run off the screen by her high-profile "cousin."

   The story... well, after a rousing start it slips into a standard "bad guy out for revenge" story - but the ending holds the promise of the return of a classic villain.

   There are some new sets and the return of the excellent supporting cast, so it looks like the new network home - and the promise of more super-crossovers - will make for a strong second season for the Girl of Steel!

Grade: A-



Kevin Findley said...

The banter between them while saving the space plane was perfect. It could have been lifted right out of an issue of DC Comics Presents where they occasionally teamed-up in the 80s.

Mr. Brooks said...

I haven't geeked out over Superman this much since I first saw SUPERMAN THE MOVIE. One 42 minute tv episode accomplished what two over-budgeted movies could not, gave us pure 100%, Grade-A, Superman and Clark Kent.

As Clark said, "sway". Well done CW.

Kyle said...

I couldn't agree more with all of you. What a great episode. Chuck, you absolutely nailed it with difference between the movies and Superman's portrayal here. I look forward to the rest of the upcoming season. What a fun show.