Monday, October 3, 2016

Saga #38

   Look, do I really have to write this review?

   I mean, it's Saga.

   In other words, one of the best comics being published right now.

   It's an expansive story by Brian K. Vaughn that tells the life story of a girl born from parents of different, warring races. It's all about life and love and adventure and death and despair and delight.

   It has humor and action and more surprises than any other comic in memory.

   The art by Fiona Staples is inspired and original, evoking emotional responses, shock and delight from the most stout reader.

   Here again we find love and hope and - just when you get comfortable - a punch to the gut.

   (A reminder that it's really just for adults, because of mature themes and violence. )

   What more can I say? Gah, just buy it and read it already!

Grade: A


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