Saturday, October 8, 2016

Death of Hawkman #1

   I almost passed on Death of Hawkman, because I'm so tired of death in comics (it's a weekly thing these days - heck, I bought two comics this week with the word "Death" in the title).

   But then I saw that it not only included Hawkman, one of my all-time favorite DC heroes (though he hasn't resembled his Silver Age self in a long time), but it also featured Adam Strange, who is my all-time favorite Silver Age DC hero.

   What's funny about the issue is - there's very little Hawkman content here.

   The story picks up in the middle of a fight, as Hawkman struggles to recover from several terrible wounds (as usual). That takes us up to page 4 - and from there on, the story is a flashback for Adam Strange.

   The story does a fair job of recapturing the essence of the "real" Adam's story (the Silver Age version) - he's an ordinary man who is teleported to the pant Rann, where he uses his wits to save the day and become the planet's hero.

    The only change (other than an updating of his costume) is that he catches the Zeta (teleportation) Beam in America - but Alpha Centauri, Rann's home star, is only visible in Earth's southern hemisphere. (I'm willing to give them a pass on this.)

   The story is just getting started here, and so far, I'm hooked. Here's hoping the title star gets more time in the spotlight next issue.

   (I'm hopeful that they won't actually kill Hawkman - but I do hope they "fix" him. Silver Age fans understand.)

Grade: A-



Glen Davis said...

Adam Strange's new costume is terrible.

Chuck said...

Gken, you'll get no argument from me.