Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Civil War II #6 (of 8)

   I think I've finally figured out why the Civli War II mini-series just isn't generating any heat.

   It's certainly trying. It's included the "death" (wink-wink) of one of Marvel's biggest Silver Age characters, plus some others. It has lots of fighting between heroes as they decide which side of this silly division they fall on.

   It also includes numerous guest stars and lots of action.

   So why does it seem to be getting a lukewarm reaction from the fans?

   I think it's because the series feels like it's padded out with dream sequences (which I, for one, hate).

   They're not exactly dream sequences - they're actually visions of the future by the Inhuman named Ulysses. It allows for some shocking images (such as the death of another icon that kicks off this issue), but it's a cheat, since that image is - so far - just imaginary.

   The issue focuses on a moral dilemma - namely, how do you punish someone for something they haven't done yet?

   It's an interesting thought, but as an 8-issue mini-series, it feels mighty thin and ultimately inconsequential.

Grade: B


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Anonymous said...

Its slow pace is made worse by hefty price tag....