Saturday, October 15, 2016

Chimera Brigade #1

   If you're mourning the fact that stories featuring the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen are only published sporadically, this series might be a good way to scratch that itch.

   The Chimera Brigade is set in 1938 (though storylines stretch back into World War I). It's a different version of that time, as familiar (though renamed) charters populate the story.

   Some are historical in nature (including Marie Curie's daughter), other are pulp-based (Doc Savage and the Shadow), and some are horror derived (including a bug-based character) and some are right out of comic books (look for a Man who looks like he might be made of Steel).

   The comic by writers Serge Lehmen and Fabrice Colin and artist  Gess is actually a reprint of a foreign edition (originally published as La Brigade Chimerique).

   It's a lot of fun (if a bit obtuse in places - or maybe I'm the obtuse one), and it sets up a fast-approaching conflict by powered individuals on a continental stage.

   I enjoyed this issue, a pseudo-historical adventure crossed with a small army of fictional characters. It works as a story and as a collection of Easter Eggs.

Grade: A-


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