Monday, September 19, 2016

The Forevers #1

   If you're looking for a comic that's definitely for adults, here's a new series that definitely qualifies.

   The Forevers gives us seven central characters - friends who take part in some kind of mystic ceremony.

   So what effect does it have? Well, it's not exactly clear (at least not until the afterword offers some information), but the focus falls on three of the seven.

   Two have achieved fame and fortune (which also translates into drug addiction and debachery). But when one is killed, and then death stalks another, it sends shock waves through the group.

   It's a smart, gritty and adult story by Curt Pires - definitely not for young readers.

   The painted art by Eric Scott Pfeiffer is impressive - moody and dark with horror undertones.

   It's a strong (if sometimes mystifying) start to the series, and one that shows no signs of veering into superhero territory.

Grade: B+


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