Saturday, September 3, 2016

Spider-Man #7

   Being a super-hero usually looks like a fun occupation - but that's not the impression you get in this issue of Spider-Man (Miles Morales).

   The issue starts off with Miles reliving a vision of the future, one that's at the heart of recent events in the Civil War II mini-series - and it involves massive destruction and death in the near future.

   To complicate matters, we also follow his mother as she tries to find out what Miles has been up to.

   It's not a bad issue at all, and features a few terrific guest stars - but it's not exactly an upbeat issue. It feels like an attempt at filling time to bring the series in line with the mini-series.

   This has been a good series so far, as Miles settles into his new place in the "regular" Marvel Universe - but hopefully future issues will focus more on the fun side of being a hero.

Grade: B+


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