Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Justice League #4

   My big criticism of this new version of Justice League has been that we just don't know what's going on.

   And four issues in - five if you count the "Rebirth" issue - and that's still true.

    Oh, we know there's some kind of alien invasion going on, and it's on a massive scale.

   So you have Green Lanterns fighting - something - in outer space. You have the Flash gathering small attacking alien - things - on Earth. Superman is fighting a desperate battle deep inside the Earth. Wonder Woman is talking to... someone. Cyborg may be close to understanding what's going on (but he isn't telling us). Batman stands around looking grim. Aquaman is swimming in Atlantis.

   The art by Jesus Merino is great, the script by Bryan Hitch is strong, but the plot continues to mystify.

   I've always been a big fan of the JLA, and it's great to see these characters together. So this book starts out with a head start with most fans (and certainly with this fan). But that good will is fading fast. Help us out here, guys!

Grade: B-


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Anonymous said...

There's more filler in this series than in a Twinkie.
I'm giving up and waiting for the trade.