Monday, August 15, 2016

Wonder Woman #4

   How many times has Wonder Woman's origin story been retold, tweaked, adjusted and rebooted?

   Well, here it goes again.

   But the tweaks are relatively minor. We see Steve Trevor recovering after crashing on Themyscira, the home of the Amazons.

   Queen Hippolyta decides to send an emissary to "man's world," and a tournament is arranged to pick the best candidate. (Guess who signs up?)

   This is a lovely retelling, with a sharp script by Greg Rucka and wonderful, lush artwork by Nicola Scott (there's a splash panel near the end that would make a great poster).

   To keep up with the twice-monthly publishing schedule, they're alternating stories between the present-day Diana and this "Year One" tale - and I must admit, I find this arc much more entertaining.

Grade: A-




Kevin Findley said...

Whenever Nicola Scott's name is on the art, the odds of me buying any comic book go way up.

Chuck said...

Kevin, I agree completely.