Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Supergirl Rebirth #1

   I have to admit that I've completely lost touch with Supergirl (the comic book).
  I tried the first few issues of the "New 52" version in 2011, but they didn't spark my interest - and I wasn't crazy about her costume, with its strange design on the crotch.
   However, I have become a fan of the Supergirl TV show, which is getting ready to launch into its second season (moving to the CW network).
   It features an upbeat, instantly-likeable star, a strong supporting cast, some good action sequences, and works despite the somewhat silly secret identity shenanigans.
   So now DC has apparently (a year later) realized it should be following the lead of the TV show - so they're putting their character through gymnastics to bring her more in line with the on-air version.
   And those efforts are mostly successful here - the art is strong and the writing is overcoming those continuity hurdles with a minimum of stress.
   Best of all, her costume follows the classic-but-modern lines of the TV version (although it still seems a bit dicey, having a flying girl wearing a skirt - but at least it's not a mini-skirt).
   This is a good start in (what I assume to be) a new direction.
Grade: B+


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