Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Justice League #3

   Artist Bryan Hitch is known for working in "CinemaScope" - in other words, crafting stories that are vast in scope with stunning visuals.

   Working here as the writer of Justice League, he's trying for the same effect - but not quite achieving the same results.

   The art isn't the problem - Tony Daniels and Sandu Florea are crafting some stunning, otherworldly visuals - but the story isn't delivering.

   That's because we're three issues into the "Rebirth" version of the team - and we still don't know what's going on.

   Masses of people in different parts of the world are somehow gathering into gigantic humanoid-shaped figures - and they seem to be tapping into the powers of heroes like the Flash and the Green Lanterns - and they make some cryptic comments - and that's about all we know.

   It all seems to be tied into some kind of alien invasion, and some devices located at the Earth's core - and again, no idea how any of this ties together.

   There's certainly time for this story to come together, depending on what happens next - but so far, all it's doing is created a lot of puzzled readers.

Grade: B-


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