Thursday, August 4, 2016

Justice League #2

   When I reviewed Justice League #1, one (Anonymous) comment indicated that I had been too generous in giving it a grade of "A-" - and Anon was probably right.

   When I'm grading a chapter of a story, I tend to give the creative team the benefit of the doubt - at least until the final chapter is printed.

   But with this issue, I'm convinced that "Anon" was right - I was being too generous.

   The story centers around an alien invasion (I think), as different members of the League fight to save lives and prevent destruction being brought on by a mysterious force.

   In fact, "mystery" is the key to the story. People on the street seem to be made into zombies - and then they aren't. They attack one of the Green Lanterns and the Flash - and then they stop. Earthquakes are happening around the globe - but why? And what are those insect-like creatures attacking Gotham?

   You get the idea.

   The issue has a lot of ideas simmering on the stove, but the reader gets precious little to go on.

   The art is vey good, and there's certainly a lot of potential in the story here - but two issues in and I feel lost.

   So, a lower grade this time around. Still hoping for improvement!

Grade: B-



Anonymous said...

I'm always right!


Chuck said...

Ha! And I can vouch for it!