Sunday, August 21, 2016

Black Widow #6

   Are you buying this comic?

   You really should be buying it.

   The Black Widow is caught up in a Steranko-esque spy story that touches on her earliest (and not too ethical) assignments from her former leaders.

   The modern-day repercussions bring her into conflict with her oldest foe in the Marvel Universe - Iron Man.

   (According to past stories, she actually met Captain America and Wolverine back during World War II - it's complicated - but we're talking in terms of the real world here, and the Widow first worked her wiles on Tony Stark back in the pages of Tales of Suspense.)

   As always with such twisty tales, things are not what they seem, and you certainly never know what the Widow's next move will be.

   Accentuated by amazing artwork by Chris Samnee and steered by a terrific story by Mark Waid and Samnee, this is a series you don't want to miss.

   Words to the wise!

Grade: A


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