Monday, August 8, 2016

Badger #5

   I'm so happy to have the Badger back in print again!

   No one does this kind of over-the-top action mixed with crazed plot twists like writer Mike Baron!

   How crazed? Well, you've got Ham the Weather Wizard (a reborn druid) being opposed by Vladimir Putin (yes, that Putin - who's also a wizard) and being attacked by horrible demons and a Yeti - and his hopes for survival lay in the fighting fury known as the Badger (who changes personalities at the drop of a hat).

   All this while the struggle to find a new Wizard of the North continues - and the applicants for the job makes for a fun "who's who" for comics and fantasy fans.

   It's a fast, funny wrap-up to the story, illustrated wonderfully by living legend Val Mayerick, who masters monsters, martial arts mayhem and beautiful women with equal ease.

   There's no other comic like it - violent, completely unpredictable - and loads of fun!

Grade: A


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