Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Will Eisner's The Spirit #12

   One of the comics that seems to be flying under the radar has been this return to the classic hero created by the legendary Will Eisner - The Spirit.

   Eisner left a difficult mark to live up to - he was the gold standard for comics, and his work on The Spirit looms large in the history of comics.

   The best compliment I can pay to this 12-issue series by writer Matt Wagner and artist Dan Schkade is that it feels like a continuation of Eisner's work.

   The character designs are spot on, the art is wonderfully expressive, it's revived (in a modern way) many of the classic characters, weaves a compelling story that holds you to the very end, and it actually creates a new villain for the hero to face - one worthy of his incredible rogue's gallery!

   In this case, it's former Nazi Mikado Vaas, a kingpin of crime whose name strikes fear in even the most deadly criminals. The Spirit first escaped and then captured his deadly daughter Sachet - and this issue features the showdown between Mikado and the Spirit.

   It's a raw knuckles fight against an army of henchmen - and a heck of a lot of fun.

   Don't get me wrong, this story isn't the same as a traditional Spirit tale, which was usually more of a concise O. Henry-style tale. This is more modern, more action and humor and relationships - but I have to think Will would have enjoyed it.

   As will you.

Grade: A



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