Friday, July 1, 2016

The Hillbilly #1

   Having mountain roots of my own, I couldn't resist a comic titled The Hillbilly - but I wasn't sure what to expect.

   Eric Powell is best known for The Goon, a comic / horror series that never really clicked for me (though I have many friends who love it).

   For various reasons, this series works. If you like Hellboy (as I do), then this should be on target for you.

   The comic is set in an undefined, extremely rural hill country - one loaded with superstition, witches and assorted monstrous creatures.

   When a boy named James sneaks off to go fishing, he faces death at the hand of a witch, but is rescued by a blind man who carries a unique and deadly weapon.

   On the walk home, the two share stories about local legends. It's a great mix of horror, adventure and odd characters.

   The art is wonderful, expressive and tells the story with muted colors.

   This isn't for everyone, but it manages to nicely walk the line between humor and the supernatural - and does it without being insulting to actual hillbillies. (Well, the really sensitive ones might flinch a little.)


Grade: A-


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