Sunday, July 3, 2016

Jade Street Protection Services #1

   Young people going to school is a long-running comic book tradition (just ask Archie), and a school for students with powers is also a classic comic book concept (just ask the X-Men).

   But this new title, Jade Street Protection Services, has its own twist on the idea, as it focuses on a school filled with modern teenage girls who have sorcery-based powers (but there's no Harry Potter vibe here).

   Their training seems very militaristic, as they learn to conjure themselves into a battle-ready form - but they still suffer from the same insecurities, jealousies and struggles that face any teen.

   The focus is on a class of five girls and their less-than-friendly instructor, who seems to have a mysterious agenda that casts a dark light on the purpose behind the school.

   It's an interesting, fresh take on the academy concept from writer Katy Rex and artist Fabian Lelay - it's perhaps a little rough around the edges (and lots of questions to be answered), but Jade Street offers lots of promise.

Grade: B+


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