Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Civil War II #3

   It has become a requirement for Big Event Books (like Civil War II) to include one element: the death of a major character.

   And for the really big events, you need more deaths, more often.

   Which brings us to this issue, and yep - a shocking, surprising, game-changing, no fooling death of a major character.

   Of course, by now fans are inured to such things - we know that eventually the one(s) who died will return (say it with me: if Bucky can return to life, anyone can).

   None of which is to say that this isn't a good issue. The art is terrific and the story is genuinely compelling, as it unfolds an incredibly tense, life-or-death situation from several different viewpoints before, during and after the "event."

   It all centers around the Inhuman Ulysses and his ability to predict the future. His latest vision is of the Hulk killing - well, everyone - so a gathering of heroes goes to confront the problem head-on.

   What could go wrong, right?

   I have to admit that I'm still not sure about this series - though I readily admit that may be because I didn't like the original Civil War mini-series. At all. (I loved the movie!)

   But this series has taken some interesting turns, and the final page teases some new twists that may provide new surprises. We'll see.

   Oh, and that character who was killed? By the end of the issue at least: still dead.

Grade: A-


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