Friday, June 10, 2016

Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1

   What the heck, Wonder Woman?

   There can't be many characters who have been rebooted / altered / interpreted (or misinterpreted) more than the Amazon Princess.

   This Rebirth issue is designed - as near as I can tell - to throw into doubt everything we know about the character, as her origin and life are (apparently) revealed to be lies.

   Thank goodness! It's not like her origin wasn't confusing enough already - so they throw even more into the mix. Was she born from clay, is she the daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta, or is there another answer? Is she the new God of War? Was she ever a goddess?

   You'll get lots of questions here, but no answers - that'll have to wait for her regular series (presumably).

   She does take time along the way to change her costume - bringing her more into line with the new film version (though thankfully she actually has some color in this costume).

   The art by Matthew Clark and Sean Parsons (pages 1 - 14) and Liam Sharp (15 - 20) is very good - they have a modern, clean style that meshes well together.

   It's the story by Greg Rucka that's a bit shaky. Hopefully it'll all pull together and give us a coherent story that brings Diana's life and purpose into focus, but for now it's just highlighting what a mess her continuity is.

   No wonder they keep tossing it out and trying again.

Grade: B-


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