Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Flash #1

    The thing that gets me about The Flash is that, for a high-speed character, his stories often spill out very slowly.

    This new version of the series (actually not much different from the previous series, aside from a talented new creative team) gives us yet another recap of the Flash's origin, reestablishes Barry Allen's job as a "Police Scientist" (think CSI) and introduces his supporting cast.

   That includes Iris West, with a hint of possible future romantic possibilities (which will make longtime fans - like me - happy), and the new version of Wally West, who will apparently somehow coexist along with the just-returned original version.

   There's some good action along the way, a new villain introduced (at least he's new to me) and a rather mysterious ending - so the story ends just as it starts to pick up speed.

   But it's a solid start for the classic character and a real improvement over the "New 52" version.

Grade: A-


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