Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Classics - Blackhawk #244

   Whenever I visit a comics convention or a comics shop, one of the classic comics I'm always looking for is Blackhawk.

   That series was a strong seller for almost 30 years for Quality Comics and then DC Comics - but in 1968, superheroes were the hot commodity and the team's adventures were quietly canceled.

   In 1976 another attempt was made to revive the team's fortunes. Behind an excellent Joe Kubert cover, veteran writer Steve Skeates and legendary artist George Evans did their best to create a fresh start for the team.

   It was a solid effort. Their traditional leather flight suits were slightly redesigned, with a splash of color and a '70s plunging neckline featured.

   Their stories were tweaked, too - gone were the giant robots, the monsters and aliens - and in their place is a more "real world" adventure with the team being played as mercenaries who use their skills to fight the bad guys.

   Despite the creative team's best efforts, the new take didn't last - it limped along for seven issues, folding with #250 (sparing the team the fate of being canceled with so many other titles in the infamous "DC Implosion").

   It wasn't the end for the team, and there would be other revivals - but this effort was one of the better revisions for the classic heroes.

Grade: B+


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