Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Flash: Rebirth #1

   Considering that virtually the entire run of The Flash in the "new 52" was disappointing story wise (though the art was often great), I was happy to see the character play a central role - and be part of the most touching scene in - the DC Universe Rebirth special.

    Now, if you passed on that issue, the good news is: that exact scene is also presented in this issue.

   It's not much of a treat for those of us who bought Rebirth - it feels more like a rerun (though to be fair, the scene is expanded a bit here).

   The promise of Rebirth is that the messed-up continuity is going to be fixed - and the Flash's series needs that as much as any other.

   In the "New 52," Barry was no longer married to Iris West. Heck, he was dating a different woman for most of the run.

   Wally West didn't show up until well into the run - and he was a different character from the original version.

   So hopefully they're going to fix these (and many other) problems as this new DC rolls out.

   But by all indications, it's going to be messy.

Grade: B


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