Friday, June 24, 2016

Doctor Strange #9

   One of the things I really like about this "Last Days of Magic" story that's been rampaging through the pages of Doctor Strange is the way that his Sanctum Sanctorum has become something of a character in its own right, as it withstands the onslaught of the science-based Empirikul.

   That force is trying to stamp out magic - and has largely succeeded, reducing the world's greatest magicians to using a handful of remaining weapons to use in their fight to survive.

   They have another ally - a mysterious creature of darkness that was locked in the basement, but now threatens to break loose.

   The creative team of writer Jason Aaron and artist Chris Bachalo (working with six inkers) has crafted a powerful, original story - and it wraps up next issue (it says here), which is good - much longer and it would have been too much.

   As it is, it's a great kickoff to the latest series to star the Sorcerer Supreme.

Grade: A


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