Monday, June 27, 2016

Divinity II #3

   It's amazing that the space program exists at all, because it seems like every time we launch people into space, they return with amazing powers.

   (Admittedly, that only seems to happen in comic books. As far as we know...)

   In Divinity II, we get two examples - two Soviet Cosmonauts have returned with godlike powers, including Abram Adams and his merciless associate Myshka.

   Troubled by Russia's fall from grace, Myshka hopes to change the past and put the entire world under the USSR's control - but is that possible?

   What follows is a time-jumping, reality-challenging tour de force as the two powerful opponents go back in time to see if it's possible to change and reshape the course of reality.

   It's a mind-bender, with a unique story by Matt Kindt and striking artwork by Trevor Hairsine and Ryan Winn.

   It's not a typical superhero tale - and that's a good thing!

Grade: A-


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