Thursday, June 16, 2016

Civil War II #2

   There was always a big problem facing this new take on Civil War - it had to compete with the feature film.

   So far, the comics event has been on the losing end of that equation.

   Its only hope to win was to create a really compelling story - a rock-solid justification for two groups of heroes to fight.

   Instead, the series has, so far, followed the model of the original mini-series and made Tony Stark into a villain.

   Incensed over the death of an ally, Iron Man goes in search of an Inhuman with a power that promises to change the world - but in doing so, he threatens to ignite a war between that powerful race and humanity.

   Aside from his usual sharp dialogue, Stark acts totally out of character here - and there's no real reason for his actions (or the shocking event at the end of the issue).

   There's still time for this series to take off - but so far, it's been slow going.

Grade: B-


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