Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Captain America Steve Rogers #2

   The first issue of the newly-re-youth-amated Captain America promises to solve the mystery of why Steve is suddenly a member of Hydra.




    Which is to say, I was hoping for a really clever twist that would explain all this.

   Instead the story takes, I'm sorry, but a really stupid turn into the most obvious, silly and wrong-headed explanation for this turn of events.

    I'm thrilled to have the real Cap back in action, I love the character - his movies rock - but this is, so far, a really weak storyline.

   Someone wake me when it's over.

Grade: D



john smith said...

This is the epitome of a bad review. You really don't into any detail about the why the book is bad and then you give it a D. The art in this book is really good, the writing isn't bad. Nick Spencer has been setting this up for months in other books and everything used is explained in a competent and coherent way. Lots of past storylines are tied together in a way the is rewarding for die-hard fans of Captain American. You present this book as if it's somehow below average when really you could have just said the story didn't interest you and left at that. Nothing in this review analyze the book as a whole or by its individual parts and I feel that that is doing a huge disservice to not only the fans who might potentially read this review or the various people who took the time to make the book.

Chuck said...

John, that's a fair statement. One of the handicaps of writing a "spoiler free" review site is that it's sometimes difficult to go into much detail about the story or plot without giving away too much, and I certainly don't want to ruin it for anyone who might enjoy it (as you obviously did). Just to mention the device used by the villain (or to name the villain) would spoil too much.

So sometimes I just write a review about my gut reaction to the story - and this one just didn't work for me. Certainly Nick Spencer is a good writer (and the art is very good here), but this story just didn't work for me at all.

Above all, I try to be honest with my readers, passing along my reaction or analysis to each comic that's reviewed - sorry if this review didn't work for you (granted, there's not much analysis in there).

Olaf Lesniak said...

When the comment has more detail than the review itself......

Chuck said...

Olaf, I guess they can't all be winners! I'll try harder next time! ;-)