Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Batman: Rebirth #1

   As Rebirth continues its slow rollout (reboot) of the DC Universe, one of the first of the new line of comics stars Batman.

   So here's the funny thing about Batman - even when they reboot him, they don't really reboot him.

   After the Crisis on Infinite Earth in the '80s, DC completely made over Superman and Wonder Woman - but made no significant changes to the Dark Knight.

    It was the same after Zero Hour, the other Crisis events - heck, even the New 52 didn't cause significant changes to Batman, though it did affect the other members of the Batman Family.

   It's no doubt a tribute to the purity of the character and concept that he only needs the kind of cosmetic updates (to keep up with the times) that all long-running heroes require. No need to reinvent the wheel.

   So, what has changed? Well, they introduce a "new" character to the mix - a new sidekick (though Batman insists it's not someone to fight by his side).

   Otherwise, it's the same as it was - billionaire Bruce Wayne, dressing up as a bat, fighting criminals - in this case, a reimagined and cleverly menacing Calendar Man. (Hey, at least the bad guy has been reinvented!)

   But it is a back-to-basics version of the character, with the gadgets and the physical and mental challenges and crazy villains and Alfred playing support.

   So it's a good thing, and a strong first issue. Let's hope the Rebirth brings us more like this.

Grade: A


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Anonymous said...

Nice strong start with an excellent pace and a nice story. I still have a lot of questions about where they will head with this title but this was a winner.