Saturday, May 21, 2016

Tank Girl: Two Girls One Tank #1

    Back again for more hell-raising is the cult favorite Tank Girl, the legendary anarchist who just wants to have fun.

   Originally created in 1988 by Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin, Tank Girl has appeared in a number of series, mini-series - and a feature film!

   She's back in a new title by writer Alan Martin and artist Brett Patterson, and she hasn't lost a step.

   But she has lost her tank (which doubles as her home and her weapon of choice), thanks to her mutant kangaroo husband Booga, who lost it in a card game.

   Never daunted, the two and their best friend Barney (who's a female) set out on a daring crime, but they're destined to meet another kindred spirit - and lots of law enforcement officials.

   This is a fun, high-energy series. It's not for kids - there's adult language and some nudity - it's morally dubious, but all in good fun.

Grade: A-


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