Monday, May 30, 2016

Divinity II #1

   Superhero origin stories are generally uplifting stories about humans being raised up to mythological levels.

   There are lots of god-like events and imagery on display in Divinity II, the sequel to the first mini-series that followed a Russian cosmonaut who gains the power of a god - and then returns to Earth to set up his own version of heaven.

   But that cosmonaut was sent into the void as a member of a team of three explorers - so what happened to the other two?

   That mystery is solved here, with the focus on the only female, the tough and no-nonsense Valentina Volkov.

   She watched as Abram Adams was affected by the alien surroundings - he transformed into a godlike being and returned to Earth, leaving the other two behind with no hope of survival.

   But as the story by Matt Kindt demonstrates, Valentina is not one to give up easily. She's spent her entire existence fighting for life - and this is just another challenge to be faced, despite impossible odds.

   The art is by Trevor Hairsine and Ryan Winn, and it's very good, with lush alien landscapes contrasting the gritty ground-level life of the poor in the Soviet Union. Great character designs, impressive effects - powerful storytelling.

   It's a strong start to the series, with interesting groundwork being laid for future events. Recommended!

Grade: A-


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