Monday, May 9, 2016

4001 AD #1

   Valiant Comics has rolled out its latest mini-series - one that has an odd history.

   Back in the day, Valiant had a significant part of its run set in the distant future, largely based around Magnus, Robot Fighter.

   But the company apparently no longer has the rights to that character, so this new event book - 4001 AD - is centered around Rai, the part human / part robot creation that was designed to serve as the protector of New Japan, which is an island in space orbiting around the Earth.

   As we learn in the backstory, Rai rebelled against Father, the machine intelligence that controlled New Japan, and for his pains was cast down - but not before a virus was planted, threatening to destroy Father.

   But Father seems determined to survive, even if it has to destroy New Japan to do it - and it's up to Rai to find some ancient allies and find a way to fight back.

   It's a bit much to take in one sitting, but writer Matt Kindt keeps it rolling along, and artists Clayton Crain and David Mack bring the future to life with some striking, powerful art.

   The only thing that hurts the series - for me - is the absence of Magnus. But there are enough Valiant characters - and certainly high stakes - to make this compelling.

Grade: B+


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