Tuesday, May 3, 2016

4 Kids Walk Into A Bank #1 (of 5)

   If you're looking for a comic that's different, you'd have to go some to beat 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank.

   It's a street-level story about four eccentric young friends - Berger, Pat, Walter and Paige. They seem like regular kids: playing Dungeons and Dragons, defending each other and planning "secret missions" - but their lives take a surprising turn when four men turn up at Paige's home, demanding to see her father.

    The four men are not nice guys - they each have a criminal record and won't hesitate to hurt the young friends.

   So why are they looking for Paige's dad, and what is his connection to the criminals? That's just the beginning of this story, which promises lots of unexpected twists and turns along the way.

   The story by Matthew Rosenberg crafts a narrative that is off-beat, yet believable and compelling.

   The art and design are by Tyler Boss, and it's unique, with original character designs and a style that somehow manages to be a bit cartoonish but evocative of the real world. The layouts and patterns designs are very creative, too.

   The credits also credit Courtney Menard with the wallpaper designs and Clare Dezutti with "Flatting" - whatever that is.

   This isn't a book for everyone, but it's an interesting start.

Grade: A-



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