Monday, April 18, 2016

The Badger #3

   It is a happy year indeed that brings us the return of The Badger to comics stores everywhere!

   The great conceit of the series is simple enough: you'd have to be crazy to be a superhero! And that's what you get with this hero - a guy who suffers from multiple personalities, including one as a martial arts hero who has a Badger for a spirit totem.

   But there's much more than that to writer Mike Baron's construct - the Badger serves as a bodyguard to an ancient druid (and weather wizard) named Ham, who has built a home in America, a supporting cast and a menagerie in the back yard.

   Ham's a terrific character - a bit mad himself, he's (almost) always in control and leads the cast into the strangest situations.

   This issue, for example, includes an appearance by Russian leader Vladimir Putin, who is himself a powerful wizard. (Who but Baron would dare to use a modern-day world leader as a pitiless enemy?)

   With amazing art in this issue by comics legend Val Mayerick, this is an series that demands to be followed!

   Lots of crazy, demon-fighting fun!

   Check it out, Larry!

Grade: A


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