Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Spider-Man #3

   It's funny that this series titled Spider-Man is more Spider-Man than Spider-Man. If you know what I mean.

   This series actually stars the (former) Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles Morales - now a resident of the Marvel Universe, thanks to the aftereffects of Secret Wars.

   But he's much more like the original concept of the character than Peter Parker, the real Spider-Man, who is now the poor man's Tony Stark.

   It's Miles who is facing the kind of problems real teens face - namely, struggling with school and dealing with grownups who don't understand.

   In fact, the issue has no actual Spider-Man content - Miles never appears in costume here - but he does get a visit from his fellow Avenger, Ms. Marvel.

   His opponent in this issue is the unstoppable (and largely unreasonable) force of nature known as... Grandma!

   It's a fun issue that establishes his supporting cast (most helpful for those - like me - who haven't read his previous appearances).

   Brian Michael Bendis' dialogue is crackling (as always) and I love Sara Pichelli's expressive, animated artwork.

   It's a quiet issue, setting the foundation for future stories - but the focus on character and real-world problems makes it true to the original concept of the character.

   I'm all for it!

Grade: A-


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