Friday, April 29, 2016

Justice League #49

   As the Darkseid War draws near its conclusion, we're started to see some long-ago-planted seeds (by writer Geoff Johns) start to sprout into some mighty interesting possibilities.

     The cast has grown to page-stretching proportions, including the forces of Apokolips, the Anti-Monitor (reshaped into the creature known as Mobius), Mister Miracle, Big Barda, the Crime Syndicate, the God-Power-Enhanced members of the Justice League (including Lex Luthor), and the rest of the League (along with a few other guest stars).

   Of course, most of the revelations in this issue must go undiscussed here, for fear of spoiling the surprises (and there are several).

   But the story advances leaps and bounds with this issue, and with the war wrapping up next issue, there are still lots of things to be sorted out (Who lives? Who dies?), battles to be waged and answers to mysteries yet to be revealed.

   This is the sort of thing that Johns is very, very good at - and he's drawing this tale toward a powerful, continuity-altering conclusion.

   Can't wait!

Grade: A-


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