Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Guest Review: Relic & Ego

   Welcome back to the Guest Review chair our friend Glen Davis, with a review of a new adventure series:

   This is another offering from Empire Comics Press. It is something like a cross between Tomb Raider and the Golden Age feature SuperMind and Son.

   A father and daughter duo of an egotistical professor and an adventurer (with some sort of magical cloak she calls The Relic) go to an island that only appears occasionally on our world. 

   Arriving during a gale storm, they find a nearly impenetrable jungle, reptile men, giant snakes, and more gigantic birds, before finding a magical stone that the usual secret organization covets. 

   Fairly good. Lots of tension between the two principles, as well as the dangers they face.  

   The art is good for most of the issue, but really breaks down during a mountain climbing sequence. Not a deal breaker, but definitely noticeable. 

   The dialogue is pretty good, giving us a sense of the characters as well as moving the plot forward.  

   The plot is pretty simple, but that's usually a good idea for a first issue.  

   Give it a look-see.

Grade: B


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