Saturday, April 16, 2016

All-New X-Men #8

   This issue had me on edge.

   That's because I'm a big fan of Dr. Strange (or, if you prefer, Doctor Strange), and I was looking forward to seeing how he fit in with the ongoing story in All-New X-Men.

   But I was fearful, because the hero doesn't always mix well with science-based super-heroes.

   Thankfully, my fears were unfounded - although it's a bit disconcerting to see the Sorcerer Supreme treated like just another superhero by the news media, as they conveniently report his arrival, which allows the Beast (Hank McCoy) to track him down.

   There are lots of opportunities when you have a science-based character running up against one centered in magic, and writer Dennis Hopeless makes good use of the concept.

   The art by Paco Diaz is very good, with some terrific designs on other-dimensional creatures.

   Best of all, the continuity of the issue fits in with the ongoing story in Dr. Strange's own series - the kind of attention to detail any fan should appreciate.

   This "new" version of the All-New X-Men has been a bit hit and miss so far, but this issue works well.

Grade: B+


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