Tuesday, March 29, 2016

X-O Manowar #45

   As the tension builds and an old foe returns, this issue of X-O Manowar calmly features a terrible bloodbath.

   Part of the bloodshed happens in a one-sided attack as a small army of human-looking opponents attack Aric, demanding he turn over the X-O suit (wisely, he declines).

   Another section of the bloodshed takes in a lot of innocent victims, as other forces try to frame X-O for the mass murders.

   And then there's the attack on X-O's home, and it's not looking good for his people.

   The issue includes an always-welcome guest appearance by Ninjak, and lots of action and mayhem - setting up next issue's big confrontation.

   With a strong (if unsettling) story by Robert Vendetti and powerful artwork by Robert Gill, this story of alien intrigue and power struggles continues to be compelling.


Grade: A-


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