Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Infinity Entity #3

   I'm not sure what is more impressive - that this comic exists at all or that it's been coming out virtually every week with no sacrifice of quality!

   The Infinity Entity has been following the new and different Warlock as he tries to solve the mystery of his own existence - he wields incredible power but he doesn't know why.

   His search brings him face-to-face with a gathering of cosmic entities, including Eternity, Infinity, a Celestial, Epoch, Chaos and Order, the Stranger and the Watcher, along with the incarnations of Death, Love and Hate.

    (Interesting to note that, of the above, two were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, one by Kirby alone, one was created by Lee and Steve Ditko, and four by Jim Starlin, if we include Epoch, the "successor" to Eon. That's some serious cosmic creative forces right there.)

   Adam Warlock is operating on a huge scale here, but the final page promises some major revelations coming up next issue (though the ones in this issue are already shocking).

   With Jim Starlin writing and Alan Davis and Mark Farmer on the art, this is pure candy for any fan of Warlock (and if you're not a fan, track down those original Starlin stories - you can thank me later).

Grade: A


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