Friday, March 18, 2016

Irwin Allen's Lost in Space: The Lost Adventures #1

   I'm a big fan of the original Lost in Space TV show.

   (Sue me.)

   I know, the stories and concept were silly and campy, the plots were simple, the characters were two-dimensional, the sets were cheap - but I still liked it back in the '60s, and I like it now.

   Mostly, it's the heart and the humor. The characters are likable (except for Dr. Smith, and even he is usually entertaining) - I especially liked the family aspect of the group, and the tender moments between them.

   And the Robot was always fun.

   The concept is back again in comics as American Gothic Press presents stories based on two scripts that were written for the original show by Carey Wilber - but never produced.

   That makes these stories an interesting artifact - but not necessarily a successful comic book.

   It does feels like an episode of the show - it focuses on Dr. John Robinson, pilot Don West, Robinson's son Will, and the Robot - and the characters all speak with the proper "voices." But it also feels like a "low budget" effort - there's a lot of standing around and talking, and very little plot involved.

   The "men" from the series are working on a science experiment, while hidden and mysterious aliens plot mischief. And that's about it.

   The art by Kostas Pantoulas is very good, and the images of the characters are well done - but the pacing is off, and there are several "silent" panels that seem out of place - they don't move the story forward.

   So the first issue is a bit hit-and-miss. It captures the feel of the original series well - but so far, the "episode" it's adapting isn't one of the show's better efforts.

Grade: C+



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